Welcome to Disorient Labs the home of creators, gamers and artists alike. Here we look to foster some of the most amazingly talented groups and individuals and give them a platform to show their skills to the VR community.

Disorient Labs is a new VR organisation and streetwear brand bringing its own unique style into the world. We have an active community bursting with amazing people and more than anything we want to see it grow and expand it's reach to all gamers and creators alike!


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We're looking for dedicated members to help contribute in anyway they can to help launch Disorient to the forefront of the VR industry. Our members are highly valued and their opinions and contributions to the community are recognised but they must also be rewarded!

With your help we'll be able to:

- Host larger events with bigger prizepools
- Attract more unique talent into the organisation
- Deliver more awesome digital content
- Pay for marketing and run promotions
- Create attactive rewards i.e. trophies and medals for event winners
- Sponsor our teams to travel to LAN events
- Subsidize the cost of Team Uniforms
- Work with high-end content creators
- Increase giveaways
- Increase quality of life with premium discord addons and much more..

100% of funds will be reinvested back into the organisation, we can help it grow together and you're names will be forever etched into its foundations.